*coff coff*

ok, really, i dunno why i am writin in english xD

i always say that “i don’t want web glory but real friends” and now i’m just contraddictin myself, tryin to be understood by those who aren’t italian.

Well, this article will be dedicated to my darling Miyavi and all the co-miyaviz (if you don’t know what i’m talkin about, i’m really sorry for your way of existing LOL).

In this period i’ve met sooooo many people always idolizing Takamasa as if he was God.

Ok, he IS God. But me is the only one who can say it xD

Jokin apart, i just wanna say one thing.




……………What the fuck do you mean when you say “i don’t have a favourite album, i like them all?”

What the hell! Seriously, i hate it xD

I feel like a baby when i get angry about that.. But i can’t stand those co-miyavis who look at my Love as Bieberians look at Bieberon.

I HAVE a favourite album.

I CRITICIZE it when i don’t like it.

I have an opinion only because i know what i’m talkin about. And Miyavi has merits and defects ad any other human. Nobody’s perfect, nor music.

And… last thing…..

please, don’t break my balls rebuking me like a baby when I fangirl saying “oh my god, he’s hot, he’s divine” specifying that “God is God and Miyavi is Miyavi”

pppppplease. Just shut up.

Miyavi’s FUCKING HOT. i luv his music more than any other thing.. but he is definetely, immensely, infinitely hot.

And, just for the record…. i’m atheist xD



I finished.




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